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Professional Young Woman

Team Building

Curated for Connections

Our carefully curated and interactive workshops include engaging icebreakers, collaborative problem-solving challenges, and opportunities to unleash creativity and foster effective communication. Each activity can be fully customized to your organization’s vision. We are excited to embark on this journey of growth and discovery with you and your team. Choose from our exciting options below.

The Enneagram & Leadership

Discover your unique leadership style with our Enneagram Leadership Session, featuring personalized Enneagram test results. Explore how your Enneagram type influences your leadership approach, communication, and team dynamics. Uncover strengths, challenges, and growth opportunities through interactive exercises. Gain clarity and direction for personal and professional growth. Join us and unlock the keys to effective leadership!


This engaging and interactive session offers a platform for team members to explore their individual identities, values, and aspirations through the power of art. Guided by an experienced facilitator, participants will select images, symbols, and words that resonate with them, piecing together a visual representation of their identity. Through this creative process, team members will deepen their understanding of one another, foster empathy, and strengthen bonds. If you know your team, you can know how best to support one another and create a healthy work culture.


Craft a Vision Board that serves as a road map for your organization’s future success. Through guided exercises and collaborative discussions, team members will articulate their dreams, goals, and values. This immersive experience will foster alignment, inspire creativity, and ignite passion within your team. Discover and develop your organization’s deep values and see how they relate to your exciting future.

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