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Themed Party

Come On Barbie, let's go party!

Spa Party

Treat your daughter and her friends to an unforgettable spa party, masterfully curated by our expert party planner, Poppins! Upon arrival, each guest will be welcomed with luxurious robes, comfy flip-flops, and adorable headbands.

Our warm, bubbling foot spas are the perfect way to relax.  Girls will enjoy fragrant lotions, refreshing face masks, and vibrant nail polishes for perfect manicures and pedicures. Each girl will feel pampered and special as she enjoys personalized treatments.

The excitement doesn't stop there! Our parties include engaging games and activities, ensuring every moment is filled with laughter and joy.

Let us handle every detail, creating a magical, stress-free experience for you and unforgettable memories for your daughter and her friends. 

Balloon Arch and Photo Backdrop included.  

$500 for 4 girls

$650 for 6 girls

3 hours

Book your spa party today and let us transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary celebration!

Princess Party

Step into a world of enchantment with our captivating Princess Party, expertly designed by our dedicated party planners. From the moment your little princess and her friends arrive, they'll be swept away into a magical realm where dreams come true.

A real-life princess will make a grand entrance, delighting the children with stories, songs, and royal etiquette lessons. The day is filled with princess-themed activities, including regal games and enchanting crafts where they can create their own tiaras and wands.

Our party planners ensure every detail is perfect, from the sparkling decorations to the themed table settings.

$500 for 6 children

$650  for 8 children

2 hours

Book your Princess Party today and let us bring the fairy tale to life!

Drama Party

Unleash your child's inner star with our Drama Party, where kids get to create and star in their own film! Guided by Poppins, the children collaborate to develop an exciting story line, brimming with creativity and imagination.

The kids will craft and act out a unique script filled with their ideas and characters. 

They will pick out fun costumes to go with their movie idea.


The story is all captured on film.  This is edited by Poppins and delivered within a week to the Drama Party participants, creating a cherished keepsake of their unforgettable day in the spotlight.


$300 4 kids

$450 6 kids

2 hours for an 8 to 10 minute original film

Book your Drama Party today and let your child shine as the star of their own cinematic adventure!

Any Theme

Celebrate your child's special day with a spectacular themed birthday party, crafted by Poppins. We will create a magical experience tailored to their wishes.


The party space will be transformed with stunning decorations, including a breathtaking balloon arch that sets the stage for fun. Themed table settings, colorful banners, and coordinating decor will bring the party to life, creating a festive and immersive atmosphere.  Poppins will curate 3 recipes to match the party's theme.

Our party includes three exciting games that keep the energy high and smiles wide. 

Kids can unleash their creativity with a themed craft activity. This hands-on project provides a perfect keepsake to remember the day (all supplies included).

$500 6 kids

$650 8 kids

2 hours 

Balloon arch, backdrop, table cloths, centerpieces, general decor, 3 games/activities with supplies, 1 art project with supplies included, and everything managed during the party by Poppins.

Book your themed birthday party today and make your child’s dream celebration a reality!

Á La Carte


Balloon Arch & Backdrop



Party Consultation



Princess Visit 

$50 an hour

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