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Leap Day Fun for Kids!

Updated: Feb 29

Happy Leap Day! Here are your awesome resources for Leap Day fun! February 29th is a whole extra day in our calendar--just how will you spend it?

happy leap year message with a green hopping frog and rainbow with three arches (green, dark green, and yellow) on top of two leap day-themed worksheets

The extra 24 hours only come once every four years so today should be special. Love harder, smile more, and breathe more deeply.

I created these fun resources for Leap Day! Perfect for morning work at school or a homeschool activity.

Brainstorm some ideas and then write about on the Leap Day Journal Page. Will you visit someplace new? Or spread kindness like confetti today? Or build a giant Lego tower?

Skip counting is a great activity for Leap Day! Create your own lily pads and practice counting by 5's or 2's while jumping around the room. You can fill out your 5's and 2's on a fun frog worksheet.

If you are interested in learning why Leap Day exists, check out History of Leap Day for Kids. It will jump start some great discussions!

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