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Bubbles, painted nails, and pink robes

L's 8 year old birthday party was a smashing success. We relaxed to some lovely spa music, enjoyed face masks, nails were painted (sometimes each finger and toe a different color).

Each spa party includes robes, headbands, flip-flops, face masks, lotions, bubbling warm foot spas, fingernails and toes painted, and several games and activities that can be adapted for different ages.

Some game and activity options include: sensory play bin of pink orbeez and cute mini unicorns, blindfold with a sleep mask to draw a picture for your friends to guess, dance party, and charades.

Spa parties can be hosted in my home or yours! These parties are popular with ages 4 to 14 years old! I would love to do a ladies' night one for adults. Contact us for a quote.

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